Love is Magic



Watching Fairytales and Romantic Comedies as a little girl formed my idea of what love was supposed to look like. Those images of The Prince and Cinderella twirling on the dance floor and Prince Eric dipping and kissing Ariel, with that epic ocean backdrop, are burned into my memory. But real love is so much more than that. It’s messy and loud, with tears of joy and quiet moments and imperfection. And that’s the beauty of love – that unique connection is what makes love pretty damn magical! Like the moment you see your partner coming down the aisle and tears flood down your face as you think about everything you’ve gone through together. The way your arms wrap around each other every time you stand near. Or the way you laugh with your whole body at an inside joke, only you two share.

Experiencing these moments myself helped shape the way I felt emotions need to be captured on the wedding day. I’m always on the lookout for candid moments. I capture these by observing and anticipating moments before they happen. I like to let things unfold naturally and feel the vibes of the day with you. You’ll find me on the dance floor, grooving with camera in hand just waiting for your bridal party to start a dance battle or for Mom to shed a few tears. When someone screams “Shots!”, I’ll be there to capture all the funny Post-Drink faces. I’m invested in you, your love and your people. I want to capture all the tears and joy you share with the ones you love the most.  Words can’t always describe how we feel. But I hope these photos tell their story.

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bride getting ready San Juan Capistrano Mission Engagement San Juan Capistrano Mission Engagement San Juan Capistrano Mission Engagement



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