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Stephanie & Jon met in 2010 in their last semester of high school. Their first date was at Disneyland grad night 2010.
Jon proposed by planning a surprise dinner at Duane’s restaurant inside the Mission Inn Riverside. Jon told Stephanie to get dressed up and he said he was taking her to the Macaroni Grill. After their dinner the waitress came out with a cupcake with a lit candle on it and Jon popped the question. Stephanie said it was “very intimate and perfect and really caught me off guard.”
I lost my Father the week before this wedding and this super fun wedding was exactly what I needed! Everyone was incredible and the Grooms friends were a blast and Jon and Stephanie’s son was a dancing machine!

Stephanie gave her Bridesmaids these Rose Gold Knot Bracelets. 

It was 10 minutes to the Ceremony and all of the girls had corset back dresses!

Jon got his Groomsmen Boot Daggers. They were really really sharp. One of the Groomsmen cut his finger just pulling the dagger out.

Most Grooms might do a little dance before getting the garter but Jon is a San Bernardino County Sheriff. Nuff Said.

This is Jon and his new Father-in-Law!

Like Father like son! Roman likes to get down on the dance floor just like Jon!



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