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50mm is my favorite lens I use it for Portaits and Dancing photos on the Wedding Day and for the entire Engagement Session because I prefer to move around a couple rather than switch between lenses. Unfortunately, I can’t use the 50mm for the entire Wedding Day so here is a breakdown of the lenses I use during different parts of a Wedding.

Detail and Ring Shots = 100mm and 85mm

Hotel and Getting Ready Images = 35mm I don’t use the 24mm because its a wide angle lens and I do not like the distortion from the prime lens. You
can avoid some distortion by keeping peoples faces away from the edges of an

Ceremony = 24-70 and 70-200 24-70 for a small church and 70-200 for large church or outdoors

Bridal party and Family Group Shots = 35mm

Couple Shots = 50mm and 85mm

Grand Entrance, Speeches and Tosses = 24-70 and 70-200 I try to stay out of the way of guests and the zoom lens lets me get variety from a distance

First Dance = 50mm and 24-70 I use a 50mm to get at least 1 epic dance shot and I have my 2nd Shooter use the 24-70 for variety.

Cake Cut = 50mm and 24-70 I use a 50mm to get at least 1 epic dance shot and I have my 2nd Shooter use the 24-70 for variety.

Open Dance Floor = 24-70 and 50mm I prefer the 24-70 if guests are moving around a lot and having a lot of fun. Its quicker to take images with strobes and get variety. I use the 50mm if I can move through guests or in very low light.

Every photographers lens preference will  be different and there is nothing wrong with that. My general rule is to use a Prime Lens to take any photo that the couple typically prints like Portraits and First Dance photos.



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