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Yesterday was an adventure! Ernest and I drove out to Joshua Tree to photograph Natalie and Greg in the Airbnb they rented for the weekend. The house was charming and so full of light! ⁠ ⁠But the drive up was a surprise. We didn’t know the route would have so many dirt roads. Our GPS did us dirty and navigated us down a dirty road that should have been for off road vehicles only. Our Sedan got stuck in the sand about 2 miles down the road. It was really scary, we had no cell service and I couldn’t imagine a tow truck being able to get to us in time for the shoot. ⁠Buuuut we were lucky that a group was out in a dune buggy and they pulled us out of the soft sand. Phew an hour later we finally arrived and got to work.

Natalie is a goddess in these photos! I’m so glad that we were able to get her Milk Bath Maternity photographed before baby Jordan arrives. These are crazy times we are living in and photographing with a mask on was waaay sweatier than I expected. But I am happy to do what ever I need to guarantee the safety of my clients. Ernest was also happy to show magic to a live audience.⁠ Natalie and Greg were so sweet and I cannot wait to meet Baby Jordan!⁠



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