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tips to plan a micro wedding

The 2020 Wedding Industry has been rocked by the Covid 19 Pandemic. My heart goes out to all of the brides who have had to Postpone or Cancel their Weddings. I understand this frustration leading to a desire to change the whole wedding plan just to avoid Postponing and missing their special date. I talked to two Wedding Planners that gave me their best tips about Planning a Mircro Wedding. Here is what they had to say.

Megan (
1) Work with your partner to REALLY narrow down what aspects are important to you. Since you arent spending on a huge wedding with lots of ppl, you can use some money to be a little “extra” in certain areas that you might not have been able to otherwise (nicer florals, a specialty cake, etc)
2) Really evaluate which people you want to join you. Guest list is always a hard thing for weddings bc that drives cost up or down. For a micro wedding, only a few get to join you in the celebration so make sure those people are your KEY people and it makes the micro part sooo much more worth it.
3) Consider a planner or a package deal. Wedding services typically operate on longer hours and different pricing. Many diff wedding professionals are partnering up to offer special pricing that you wouldnt be able to get if you pieced the wedding together independently – also, it will save you time (which in the end, time is money so you are saving money this way too!). Rather than needing to research and hunt and send emails and make phone calls, a specially curated group is already ready to help you. People that have all worked together and know what you need so that it’s easy to plan. You are likely to get more for your money going this way because the team of pros has made special pricing/special offerings available just for these micro-wedding packages.
Diana (@knotsandbelles):
1) Keep it small. A micro wedding is just that, micro. Keeping a guest count of 60max gives venue/catering a bit more flexibility with getting away with events.
2) Were all navigating this. Don’t be surprised when the venue has last minute changes. Understand that the changes put in place are to help keep our businesses licenses and everyone’s safety first.
3) Read your contracts thoroughly.



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