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14 tips for bridal prep

Usually when I arrive on the day of a wedding, the Bride is preoccupied with hair and makeup. It is at this time that I shoot the dress and all of those little details you have painstakingly devoted yourself to while planning your wedding. My main goal during Bridal Prep is to make sure that my Brides are excited without stressing out. I recommend having the dress and details available and easily accessible when I arrive, this way I do not have to bother you, while you mentally prepare for the day ahead.

This list should give you an idea of the kinds of details you should have laid out and ready for me to shoot:

1. Dress on Hanger

Investing in a nice hanger for your wedding gown and your Bridesmaids makes your photos pop! Head over to Etsy for a custom Hanger that proudly displays your new last name or boldly states Bride! If you are a crafty DIY bride grab some wood hangers and a few colored markers and handcraft a unique creation!

2. Shoes

Shoes are one of my favorite details. Whether they are ornate high heels or a cute pair of sandals, make sure they are out of the box and ready to shoot.

3. The Rings

As the day goes on there will be less time and fewer opportunities to shoot the rings. I do incorporate the newly donned rings during the couple portrait shoot. However the best time to shoot the rings is in the morning. Plus these are my favorite to shoot and there are so many poses Id love to have the time to set up and shoot. So, please make sure you have all rings in your bridal suite.

4. Jewelry

Have all the tags off the jewelry and removed from packaging, ready to shoot. You do not have to worry about creatively placing your pieces, I will take care of that, just have everything ready and in one place.

5. Bouquet

Having the Bouquet delivered to the bridal suite in the morning gives me extra time to shoot them before they wilt and take on the day. Its also a great time for me to take pictures of the stems if you plan to have a photo charm or memorial charm pinned on.

6. Perfume

Find a new scent or buy a brand new bottle of your signature scent! This is the perfume that you will wear on your wedding day so it is okay to splurge. want something extra special – check out antique perfume bottles for sale at Etsy or head to your local thrift store for a vintage pump perfume bottle. These bottles can be so ornate and detailed, I love to collect them.

7. Garter & Traditional Details

No matter what traditions you adhere to, these details should be prepared for photos as well. Details like a Garter for the toss at the Reception; Coins and the Lasso for a Catholic Ceremony; or cups and pots for a Tea Ceremony.

8.  Invitation

Have all pieces ready to go. Envelope, rsvp card, meal card, directions, stamped envelope. This is a great way to remember the invitation suite you created for your wedding day!


Additional detail ideas:

9. Something Blue

There is something about tradition that adds to the magic of the wedding day. I love creative and unique ideas for incorporating the old “Something Borrowed, Something Blue and New.” Odds are most of your wedding day items will be New but don’t forget to add a pop of blue.

10. Sentimental or Borrowed Items

Whether its photos of your parents weddings, images of relatives who have passed, antiques, or jewlery handed down through generations – sentimental items are part of the wedding tradition. These are among my favorite to shoot because they are so precious and close to your heart.

11. Write letters or exchange gifts and open them together during a first look or open them once you are fully dressed and have a moment alone. EIther way I will be there to capture the emotion you experience when you read your true loves words.

12. If you and your bridesmaids are wearing matching robes or t-shirts, make sure not to change out of them until I have snapped a fun photo of you all together.

13. Make sure that Mom and whoever else is helping you get ready is dressed and in hair and makeup before you. And try to make sure there is a mirror in the room.

14. Consider doing a first look with your bridesmaids or with Dad before the Ceremony.




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