Love is Magic

My approach to photography stems from my lifelong love of the cinema and my dream of contributing to a more magical world. I was raised on the cinema and inspired by it, so I bring that magic and wonder into everything I photograph. I think love and human connection are pretty damn magical. You'll catch me feeling the vibes of the day with you, tearing up during your vows and laughing at the stories your best friends tell. I think every one of our stories is different and important, and thus, worthy of investing in and remembering. 


I’m Chanelle, Harry Potter fan, travel junkie and Sushi addict; living out my California dreams with my love Ernest and our 2 dogs. I’ve been photographing fun, laid-back couples for 8 years. Ernest is my second-shooter, a talented Close-up Magician and lover of IPAs and 80s movies. I get to document love stories with my favorite person and that is seriously the best thing ever! I cannot imagine doing anything else with my life and I feel lucky to be in an industry that is surrounded with so much love ... and cake, cake is pretty awesome too.


His perfect Pomp, his epic Magic Skills, his love of 80’s movies, playing Synthesizers, making our Halloween couples costumes, thrifting, enjoying IPA's, making bomb Paninis, and regular visits to the Magic Castle.

Meet Ernest

Watching every movie, my serious addiction to charcuterie plates, peppermint white mochas, grilling, dreaming about London, sharing Puppy and Panda vids, Harry Potter marathons, watching Fantasy, Sci Fi, Gangster and Noir movies, whiskey and wine tasting, and hours spent at Wizarding World.

I'm Chanelle

We’re all about adventuring through life together. Searching out the best Brunch and Pub food. Spending afternoons at the coffee shop or binge watching our favorite shows. Walking the pups around our neighborhood. Nights filled with great friends, Karaoke and Cocktails. Spending full days at Universal’s Wizarding World or The Magic Castle. Taking road trips all over Cali. And exploring the world and making new friends along the way. 


Now you know about my why and who we are.

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