Love is Magic

We have a gift for meeting couples and instantly feeling like old friends. We’re all about fun and we want you to have a kick ass time. When were not cuddling and binge watching Netflix shows, we're searching out the best Brunch, Sushi or Indian food. Spending afternoons at the Pub, err, I mean coffee shop. Walking the pups around our neighborhood. Spending our days off at Universal’s Wizarding World or The Magic Castle. Exploring the world and making new friends along the way. 

For Halloween, Ernest and I decorate our house in the style of The Nightmare Before Christmas and get to play the soundtrack for Trick-or-Treaters as Ernest shows them magic. I'm also pretty big on Christmas, so I'm happy to leave the tree up for 3 months! 



We met online. I messaged him first. We bonded over our mutual love for MGMT and Justice.
We texted for 3 months before we met. Because I wanted to make sure he wasn't a serial killer ;) and also because I kept rescheduling (I know, I'm terrible. Buuuut, gimmie a break. I was working full time, while building this business and I was the sole caretaker for my Father. I had 'ish to do, okay.)
When the day came that we were finally going to have our first date, I almost cancelled again. (I'm not looking very good in this story.) I had had a bad day at work and while, I was super excited to meet Ernest, I didn't want to meet him and dump my bad day on him, on our first date. So, I explained that to him and his response was "I know I can make you laugh." And that was it. I melted.
We ate Sushi. He talked. We drank Saki. He talked more. We danced to the Beatles. He showed me a magic trick. I was blown away.
We we’re pretty set on each other from that first day and we tell people that our first date lasted a week. In reality it lasted 3 days (still pretty impressive) and then on Monday he dropped me off for work, picked me up after. And it went on like that for months. I basically lived out of a suitcase and at the end of 5 months we moved in together. We fell hard and we fell fast.

our love story

My serious addiction to charcuterie plates, peppermint white mochas, grilling, dreaming about London, sharing Puppy and Panda vids, watching Fantasy, Sci Fi, Gangster and Noir movies, tasting and reviewing wines with my Dad on our youtube channel WINE WITH DAD and regular visits to Wizarding World.


I turned my passion into a business and now I get to work alongside the love of my life, and that is seriously the best thing ever! I was raised on the cinema and inspired by it, so I bring that magic and wonder into everything I photograph. I do this job because I love love and capturing human connection. To me, a wedding isn’t just a day. It’s a symbol of your journey. It’s the two of you saying you’ll stand against every storm together and adventure through life as best friends and partners. I think that kind of love is pretty damn magical!  

the girl behind the camera, Movie nerd and Proud Ravenclaw.


This is Us


Music Shaped my early life but these days I'm more into magic. I've been practicing magic on and off for 20 years. Last year I attended the Magic Castle in Hollywood for the first time and decided I wanted to be a member. With in 6 months I auditioned and was accepted. Now I go to the Castle 2 or 3 times a month and I have a monthly Magic Show at the Magic Lamp in Rancho Cucamonga. I’ve always got a few decks of cards on me and I’m ready to perform and make new friends!

My epic magic skills, Karaoke, playing Keyboards in a band with my brother, watching 80’s movies, thrifting, making bomb Paninis, enjoying IPA's, designing our Halloween costumes, and regular visits to the Magic Castle in Hollywood.






Ernest showed me Magic on our first date and since then Magic has been an everyday occurrence in our home. Take a look at the video below to see Ernest in action.

Do you believe in magic?!

Ernest showed me a Magic trick on our first date and since then Magic has been an everyday occurrence in our home. Take a look at the video to see Ernest in action.

Do you believe in magic?!