Love is Magic

I’m Chanelle, Wedding and Elopement Photographer based in Southern California. Proud Ravenclaw, obsessed with Peppermint White Mochas. And a serious addiction to Rosé and cheese plates. I quote Movies and TV shows like a second language. I was raised on the cinema and inspired by it, so I bring that magic and wonder into everything I photograph.

I get to work alongside the love of my life, and that is seriously the best thing ever! Ernest is a talented synth player, close-up magician and Member of The Magic Castle in Hollywood.

We’re all about Breakfast in bed, cuddles and binge watching. Searching out the best Brunch, Sushi and Indian food. Spending afternoons at the coffee shop, pretending to work. Walking the pups around our neighborhood. Nights filled with great friends, Karaoke, Tacos and Tequila. Spending our days off at Universal’s Wizarding World or The Magic Castle. Taking road trips all over Cali. Exploring the world and making new friends along the way. 

Experiencing these moments myself helped shape the way I felt emotions need to be captured on the wedding day. I think love is pretty damn magical and I strive to capture your story in the most magical and meaningful way that I can. 

What I'm All About


Traveling and experiencing different cultures and cuisine is what life is all about! I spent 2007 living in London. It was an experience that I truly treasure. I plan a major trip every year. Some of my faves have been Dublin, New Orleans, Chicago, Sacramento, and San Francisco.

The country I most want to visit is Iceland. I want to sleep in a glass igloo under the Northern Lights and swim in the Blue Lagoon.


My Dad and I try a new Rosé every week - on Wednesdays we drink pink! Add Brie, Goat Cheese, Olives and Mixed Berries and I'm in Charcuterie heaven. I love planning this time with him because we get to discuss Game of Thrones or catch up on American Gods together!

So grab a glass and meet us in my Insta Stories for a new review every #Roséwednesday!⁣


If I have a free Saturday I will probably spend it at Universal's Wizarding World. 7 hours is my current record! My house is definitely Ravenclaw. I grew up on those books and spent many nights hoping to share a drink in The Three Broomsticks. I felt totally at home when I walked down the streets of Hogsmead Village. 


One of the biggest items on my bucket list is to hold and bottle feed a baby Panda. I love Pandas. I love watching videos of them clumsily fall and play with Zoo Keepers. They are just so fluffy and adorable! Ugh I just can't wait... I'd be just as happy to play with a Red Panda too. They look like Red Racoons and are just so cute when they pounce on each other, in the snow.


I'm a Tequila Advocate. Good Tequila has so many amazing benefits. Pour me a shot and I can ramble on about it's ability to lower glucose levels and increase insulin production! 

We firmly believe that Friday nights are for friends, Karaoke and drinks. Having Tacos and Tequila, while singing wild and goofy renditions of Karaoke songs, are the nights I live for. 


Fun Facts

Ernest's close up magic in action!