Love is Magic

My work is a combination of heartfelt candids and fine art portraits. I love photos that are colorful and cinematic, with natural skin tones and glowy sunsets. I'm so proud that all the couples I work with, feel like old friends. I love to have fun and joke around at the Engagement shoot and catch up over cocktails at the Timeline Dinner. That comfortable feeling is so important and it's what translates into killer images.

We love working as a couple, with couples. We've been to alot of weddings and we're here to help you stress less and love more! Think of us as your extended Bridal party… with cameras. We're going to capture your memories in the most meaningful and magical way we can. 


I'm here to help you plan and alleviate stress. I understand wedding planning can be extremely overwhelming and stressful, so I created a Planning Guide that includes all of my knowledge from 8 years of planning timelines and making your lives easier. Then 2-3 weeks before your wedding day, we will take you both on a Timeline Dinner date (on us) to iron out timeline details and share a few cocktails. It will make you feel so confident about your wedding and it really solidifies our friendship! 

love more and stress less

My favorite thing to photograh are the in between moments. I shoot with intention, which is a fancy way of saying that I like to watch and wait for things to develop on their own. I have been to so many weddings that I have developed a Spidey sense for anticipating moments. So you can be sure that I'll get Candid photos of all of those little moments, stolen kisses, funny faces and happy tears! 


I'm known for my expertise in posing couples to perfection. I don’t expect you to be Models and to be perfectly honest, it's better if you aren't ;) So don't worry, I'll tell you how to pose and exactly what to do with your hands and once you are comfortable I'll direct you with prompts that encourage playfulness so that I capture real laughter and raw emotions.  My goal is to help you share heartfelt moments, laugh a lot and have a ton of fun! If I can give you an experience that reminds you of the things that made you fall in love, then I've done my job.


I know you are super excited to see your images so I post sneak peeks to Instagram the next day after your wedding! I send your complete gallery of images in just 2 weeks! From there, I will prepare your Canvas or Albums to be sent out to you! 

Quick Image Turnaround

No Travel Fees for Southern California Weddings. If your Wedding is more than an hour drive from us, we will drive up the night before and stay in a hotel, at no cost to you. That way we can show up fresh and ready to be creative, while avoiding any traffic issues that could cause a late start. 


The best part about having a photography team is both of you get a dedicated photographer. There is no running back and forth between rooms, and no missed moments with your bridal party!



Weddings and Elopements


I'm not a big fan of one size fits all pricing. I enjoy learning a bit more about your needs and then creating custom packages. On average my couples spend $3,000 on Wedding Photography.

All Wedding Packages include unlimited edited images in a Downloadable Gallery, Expert Posing, A Planning Guide, A Timeline Dinner and options for extra hours, prints and a Fine Art Album.


Intimate and Adventurous Elopements are my jam! We can help you plan, pick the perfect location, secure permits and Officiate. Thats right, Ernest is Ordained! So grab a witness and let's go on an adventure together!

We want to do things a bit differently and give you not only magical photos but a magic performance to make your celebration unique! Strolling magic is ideal for wedding receptions because it provides entertainment during the cocktail hour and especially for those guests who would rather not get down on the dance floor and ensures that everyone enjoys a memorable experience. 

This is how it works: Ernest will photograph the guys getting ready and the ceremony, so you won’t have to adjust to a new photographer. Then he will perform close-up magic during the Cocktail Hour and Reception. We can add an additional photographer for the Reception, so you won’t miss out on any photos. In fact, you’ll get a ton more photos of your guests having a great time!



We're so excited to meet you and work with you! If you love our work and our personalities, fill out the form below to set up a coffee date or request a custom quote for a Destination Wedding or Elopement.