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How to Photograph the different parts of a wedding day


There are many approaches to photography. Some photographers prefer a Photojournalistic approach, where the photographer documents the action but does not interact; some photographers rely heavily on Posing their couples; and other photographers favor a Lifestyle approach, where real reactions are considered more authentic than posing. I utilize a combination of these approaches throughout the wedding day. In this blog I’ll cover the different parts of the Wedding Day and how I photograph each section of the Wedding Day.


bridesmaids jumping on bed and groomsmen clinking glasses


The best part about having a photography team is both of you get a dedicated photographer. There is no running back and forth between rooms, and no missed moments with your bridal party!  I’ll be the one cheering you on and encouraging the bridal party to jump on the bed. Ernest has one rule: if the groomsmen are taking shots he has to get a photo of clinking glasses.


bride details and groom details


I make sure to capture all the little things that you have planned for months. I love playing with textures and finding a way to bring nature into detail shots. Don’t worry I have a last minute check list so you won’t forget any precious detail.


first look


I prefer to photograph this time from a distance because this is often the only time of day the couple gets to spend alone. I do not want to be intrusive and I want to let them keep their conversation private.


wedding ceremony


I try to stay out of the way as much as possible during this time, so I do not block the view of your guests. But you will see me moving around to make sure I get a variety of shots. One thing we like to make sure to get is an image of the bride approaching the aisle with all of her guests turning to see her for the first time and a photo of her groom looking lovingly at her.


Family Wedding Pose


Bridalparty is pretty straight forward I shoot a few of the group then I’ll shoot the guys and girls separate.

Family formals are normally my first interaction with your family and so I love to have a game plan for this part of the day. I tackle family formals by starting with a big group photo of both sides of the family. Then I ask one side to step out and work my way down to smaller and smaller groups before asking the other side to step back in. Four weeks before the wedding, you’ll receive a questionnaire from me that will ask you to list any additional family formals you want us to capture and notify us of special family situations (like divorces and disabilities).


Best Wedding Poses, So Cal Wedding


When it comes to couple portraits, I begin with posing, to build your confidence in front of the camera. Once you are comfortable, I direct you with prompts that encourage playfulness and helps your personalities shine so that I capture real laughter and raw emotions. I cover this more in depth in the blog post How to feel Comfortable in Front of a Camera.


Dad and son dance


After dinner and the reception traditions are out of the way… it’s time to get down on the dance floor. We usually capture 1.5 to 2 hours of dance floor time. I’m always on the lookout for candid moments like this one of the Groom laughing at his Son’s dance moves and the Groom 2 Stepping with his Best Man. I know Family and Friends are an important part of your day! I love meeting the people that helped make you, you. I’ll capture all the fun, hugs, tears, and dancing. I like to let things unfold naturally and document every precious moment! I’m the girl wearing a big cheesy smile as I photograph all the epic dance moves and laughter! When someone screams “Shots!”, I’ll be there to capture all the funny Post-Drink faces.


sparkler exit


Sparkler send offs are so dreamy and romantic. But there are so many awesome alternatives to sparklers and  like glow sticks, confetti, bubbles, rose petals, lavender, ribbon wands, streamers, and epic car drive-aways. Some of these will work great for Ceremony exists as well!




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