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There's never been a better reason to celebrate you

southern california BOUDOIR | AVAILABLE FOR TRAVEL worldwide

I know exactly how to style, pose and light you to get the perfect shot every time. You'll walk away feeling confident and empowered! 

My favorite thing about Boudoir is watching women transformation from feeling shy and unsure to bold and playful!

My number one goal is to make you feel comfortable, cheer you on and show you how beautiful you are.

It's crazy to think that I'm practically a stranger and I'm asking you to trust me to let me show you how uniquely beautiful you are.

The images I create are meant to transport you away from the daily ritual of life and into a world of fantasy, connection and freedom of expression.

You are strong. You are powerful. This is the time to spoil yourself.

There is a reason you are on this page, you want to do this...

You've wanted to do this for a while, but you've held off and stopped yourself.

But there's never been a better time than now.
This isn't just a photo shoot, its an awakening!

Treat yo' self to a day of pampering


Download your digital photos in 2-3 weeks! Product orders take 6-8 weeks for delivery. 


Pick your favorite photos from your online proofing gallery. Order Wall Art and Albums.  


How often in life do we get a chance to totally glam up?! Package options available.

Pack a suit case of outfits. PLUS access to my Client Closet. Don't worry, I'm a posing expert! I got you.


You can choose any So Cal studio location below. Any studio for $100 or less is included (amounts over will be added to your invoice).


 Choose your date and pay a deposit. Read my Online Guide for tips on how to prepare your skin and body for your session.


Your photo shoot experieince




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Payment plans available. Prefer to pay by zelle or venmo, message me in the Contact box below.



2 hour photo shoot
4 outfits (including my Client Closet)
40 edited photos of your choice

Downloadable online gallery in 2 weeks
Option to order Wall Art and Albums

1 hour hair and makeup
8x8 Black Vegan Leather Album
16x 20 Metal Print
+ 1 Add On Below


1.5 hour photo shoot
3 outfits (including my Client Closet)
30 edited photos of your choice

Downloadable online gallery in 2 weeks
Option to order Wall Art and Albums.

1 hour hair and makeup
Box of 20 4x6 photo prints


 1 hour photo shoot
2 outfits (including my Client Closet)
20 edited photos of your choice

Downloadable online gallery in 2 weeks
Option to order Wall Art and Albums.


Add Wall Art or a 16 page thick, lay flat Album on Archival Quality Photo Paper.

8X8 ALBUM $400
10X10 ALBUM $600
16x20 METAL PRINT $250
4X6 BOX OF 20 PRINTS $100


After your session I remove blinks and blurry photos and pick the best images so you have 60 photos to choose from and you can add more photos or buy all the edited digitals.

ALL 60 PHOTOS $600

all digital files

Add a set of holiday themed photos and choose a few of your favorites to create a 12 month wall calendar.

ADD ON $200


Add a 45 minute couples session to your SOLO boudoir session. You'll get photos in 2 more outfits and 20 more digital images.

ADD ON $200

Couples Session

Add Ons

I'll customize the shoot to your personal style
here are some examples of what clients have done

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Damn, you are so amazing Chanelle, the experience was great and I want to cry at these pictures. You captured me in a way that didn't hide my body, but celebrates it. And makes me so happy to have these, its exactly what I wanted and so much better than I could have imagined. 


OMG I am in love with the photos! I didn't think I'd like seeing myself but it was such a confidence booster! Can I just tell you doing a couples boudoir session was one of the best memories I will have with my husband, it was fun, confidence boosting, and the best part seeing how he looks at me when I don't look at myself like that. Thank you so much for capturing it all especially the way he looks at my body!!


Chanelle was great and made me fell so comfortable during my photo shoot. My photos came out great and I couldn"t be happier!

- Renee

I am looking at these pictures yet again ☺️ We are so in love with the pictures we already have and I can’t wait to see the rest of them. You did such an amazing job and really captured how much fun we were having together and with you.

- Sydney & Cody


What I love about Boudoir is seeing a woman transform during the session. I spent so much time hiding my body and over the last year I've lost 85 pounds and I've been falling in love with my body at every size.

You can trust me to pose you because I've posed myself and many bodies, at varying sizes. I love different perspectives of our bodies because so often we forget that we are 3D. I capture you in a way that doesn't hide the shape of your body, but celebrates it. 

I like to keep my photos natural but bold and dramatic. I will never alter your body. I only color correct, touch up and smooth your skin. My rule is if it's permanent it stays (like stretch marks) but if it's temporary it goes (like pimples). My goal is to show you how beautiful you are now, in this body, not give you photos of some idealized version of yourself.

my Why

Get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Our bodies are constantly changing and we deserve to pamper and celebrate ourselves at every stage of life!

Boudoir helps you see yourself differently and you'll discover a new kind of confidence when you see yourself glammed up and posed to perfection! 

Boudoir is all about body positivity and creating something fun and sexy for yourself or to gift to your partner!

3 Reasons to set negative thoughts aside

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1. What is Couples Boudoir?
A photoshoot for the adventurous couple and any couple ready to step out of their comfort zone and try something new and exciting! But more than that it is an intimate portrait of your passion and connection.

2. Where can we take photos?
I have a home studio in Rancho Cucamonga but some couples want a more unique location and choose to book an Airbnb or hotel. Let me know if you are interested in a Destination Session in LA, OC or SD and I'll send you my list of unique studio spaces. And remember to include props from a hobby or activitiy you share. Anything from Shibari to Pizza and Beer.

3. What if he gets a little TOO EXCITED?
Things may get heated and cause a bulge. It happens more often than you think and I am not bothered by it. So I'll carry on photographing until you ask for a water or bathroom break to calm down. Your session is only an hour so you can wait till you get home to get it on.

4. Can we be FULLY NUDE?
I photograph Implied Nude and pose you tastefully. While I pose you, I'll most likely see your junk but I won't photograph your package or penetration. it's that simple.  

5. Will you photograph our FANTASY?!
Most likely yes. I even have a few BDSM accessories you can include. I'm pretty comfortable with most things but will not create porn with you. I won't photograph actual intercourse or sex acts. Let's start with a conversation and go from there.

Steamy Sessions:
Couples Boudoir

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If you are down to try something a little different. There is something so magical about a pool session. I will work with you to choose colorful flowers that match your outfits. You'll need to rent a hotel or Airbnb with a tub or pool. The cost of flowers is in addition to the session fee. Outdoor sessions can be super dreamy and can take place in the forest or the beach. Lets get out there and do something different!

Most couples want a more unique location and choose to book an Airbnb or hotel -- or I'll send you my list of unique studio spaces that are available to rent in So Cal.

I recommend booking 12 weeks before your wedding, in order to receive the Album BEFORE your wedding day. 

Timeline for Album (12 weeks):
1 week for you to pick your favorites
2 weeks for me to edit
1 week to make your album
up to 2 weeks of draft edits
4-6 weeks for the lab to make and deliver

Timeline for Keepsake Box (9 weeks):
3 weeks for editing & to pick your favorites
4-6 for the lab to make and deliver 

That's totally normal. I mean, how often do you pay a stranger to take pictures of you in your undies? I’m guessing this is probably a first for you, and you know what? It’s okay to be nervous. Just know that this is all about beauty and self confidence, I am here to make you look and feel amazing no matter your age or size. Those jitters won’t last more than ten minutes. I promise. 

I offer packages with and without Hair and Makeup. You can choose to do your own, go to your personal artist, or add on my Glam Squad. **Brides please do not use this session to do your Wedding Makeup trial. Boudoir is all about confidence and if you are unhappy with your makeup, you will notice that in your photos.**

I will never share any images without your permission. Of course I love sharing and showing my work, so if you are down for that I will post the session on my blog and social media. Of course I will never post full nudes, those are just for you.

Heck yes! Couples Boudoir is something I have just started photographing. In general men wear boxer or jeans and women can be covered or fully nude. But I am comfortable regardless. Heck I've shot engagement session skinny dippers in the past, it takes a lot to make me blush!


I'll be in touch soon.

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1 hour session in my Rancho Cucamonga Studio
30 Beautifully Edited Photos
Downloadable Online Gallery
($100 deposit)

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