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Don't miss out on this opportunity to try something completely different! Bring 2 outfits, we will start dry so you get a variety of images to choose from.

I know exactly how to style, pose and light you to get the perfect shot every time. You'll walk away feeling confident and empowered! 

My number one goal is to make you feel comfortable, cheer you on and show you how beautiful you are.

PREPARE: Choose your time and pay a $100 deposit.
Check your Inbox and Spam folder for my online guide on what to wear and how to prepare.

WARDROBE: Up to 2 outfits are included, make sure they look good wet.

* 45 minute photo experience in a Rainroom in South LA
* 2 outfits, client closet NOT included
* 20 of your favorite images edited
* Option to order Wall Art and Albums  
* Hair and Makeup INCLUDED with 2 looks: dry & wet
-- Only 5 spots available

GALLERY: Pick 20 of your favorite photos for me to edit, from your online proofing gallery. Order Wall Art and Albums.

DELIVERY: Download your digital photos in 2 weeks!
Tell everyone how much freaking fun you had!

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Get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Our bodies are constantly changing and we deserve to pamper and celebrate ourselves at every stage of life!

Boudoir helps you see yourself differently and you'll discover a new kind of confidence when you get all glammed up and posed to perfection! 

Boudoir is all about body positivity and creating something fun and sexy for yourself or to gift to your partner!

3 Reasons to set negative thoughts aside


Damn, you are so amazing Chanelle, the experience was great and I want to cry at these pictures. You captured me in a way that didn't hide my body, but celebrates it. And makes me so happy to have these, its exactly what I wanted and so much better than I could have imagined. 


OMG I am in love with the photos! I didn't think I'd like seeing myself but it was such a confidence booster! Can I just tell you doing a couples boudoir session was one of the best memories I will have with my husband, it was fun, confidence boosting, and the best part seeing how he looks at me when I don't look at myself like that. Thank you so much for capturing it all especially the way he looks at my body!!


I am looking at these pictures yet again ☺️ We are so in love with the pictures we already have and I can’t wait to see the rest of them. You did such an amazing job and really captured how much fun we were having together and with you.

- Sydney & Cody

Chanelle was great and made me feel so comfortable during my photo shoot. My photos came out great and I couldn't be happier! Thank you Chanelle!



What I love about Boudoir is seeing a woman transform during the session. I spent so much time hiding my body and over the last year I've lost 85 pounds and I've been falling in love with my body at every size. That's exactly what I want for every body to feel, when I photograph them. 

I love different perspectives of our bodies because so often we forget that we are 3D. I capture you in a way that doesn't hide the shape of your body, but celebrates it. 

I like to keep my photos natural but bold and dramatic. I will never alter your body. I only color correct, touch up and smooth your skin. My rule is if it's permanent it stays (like stretch marks) but if it's temporary it goes (like pimples). My goal is to show you how beautiful you are now, in this body, not give you photos of some idealized version of yourself.

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1 hour session at a So Cal Studio
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