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the benefits of 2 photographers


Whether you and your partner are getting ready at different addresses, or in different rooms at the same location, you’ll each get a dedicated photographer. There are so many moments that happen while you prepare for the day: Bridesmaids sipping Mimosas, while Groomsmen toast with a shot or beer, Mom tearing up as she helps you into your dress and your future father-in-law helping your fiance´ with his tie. These people have had a hand in creating the person you are and the memories you make with them, on the day of your wedding, are entirely unique and can never be recreated on any other day or in any other place. With 2 photographers there is no running back and forth between rooms, and no missed moments with your best friends and family!

groomsmen getting ready


Churches generally have restrictions on where photographers can stand, how often we can move, if we can use flash etc. In order to get the best coverage you’ll want 2 photographers. There’s something so special about being able to capture multiple emotional moments during the Ceremony. You’ll want your walk down the aisle and your partner’s reaction to it your vows and your parents’ reactions. You get the point—so much happens simultaneously at weddings and they’re all worth remembering. We try to get a few extra creative shots during your Ceremony that can only be achieved with 2 photographers:

A shot from behind the Bride of all of your guests watching you come down the aisle.

A shot from Behind your Groom, watching you come down the aisle.

A shot from though the Bridesmaids, of your Groom watching you come down the aisle.

A shot your Groom glancing at you lovingly.


If your wedding takes place at multiple locations it is helpful to have 2 photographers to make sure to capture detail shots, untouched before guests arrive. We have had weddings with such tight timelines that Ernest had to leave for the Reception venue immediately after the Ceremony, so he could beat guests to the venue and get detail shots. While I stayed behind at the Church taking Family Formals.


If you’re guest list is on the larger side, you’ll want two photographers to snap every memorable moment happening in every corner of the room. We think a second shooter is always worth it, even if you’re only inviting a small number of guests. For example, with two shooters, one can take your post ceremony portraits while the other snaps photos of your guests at cocktail hour. Or if you are short on time two photographers can shoot Bridal Party Formals at the same time. We can get Bridal Party Formals done in half the time if Ernest takes one on one photos of the Groomsmen while I shoot the Group shots of Bridesmaids and then we switch.


Sometimes its helpful to have a second photographer help with lighting issues during couple portraits. We carry a reflector, diffuser, flashes and video lights that will help us fix a variety of lighting issues.



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