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15 questions to ask your DJ

Your wedding photographer will help you create a timeline for the first half of your day and you will work with your DJ to plan the timing of the Reception events. If you hire a long time professional you usually don’t have much to worry about. Seasoned professionals will be ready with plans in place for most situations.

Hiring a DJ seems pretty straightforward but I have had couples tell me horror stories about their experiences. I’ve heard of DJs that refused to take requests because the venue did not provide wireless internet and DJs that sourced their music entirely from Youtube, commercials included. And I’ve watched guests give speeches from a dark corner of a Banquent hall because the DJ did not provide wireless mics. All of that could have been remedied by asking a few more questions during the hiring process. Here is a list of questions that will help you a hire the best Pro.



  1. How many Weddings have you worked?
  2. Do You Include Lighting, Uplighting, Backdrops or other props?
  3. Is There An Extra Charge to lug equipment up flights of stairs?
  4. Will You Play During the Cocktail Hour?
  5. What kind of music do you play while Guests Eat? 
  6. Can We See You Live Before we hire you?
  7. Are Your Performances Online?
  8. Will You Also Emcee the Reception? And do you have Wireless Mics? 
  9. Can I See A  Sample Timeline?
  10. How Do You Keep The Party Going?
  11. Do You Have Backup Equipment?
  12. What If Someone Gets Sick?
  13. How Will You Handle Guest Requests?
  14. Do you require wireless internet?
  15. How Many Breaks Will You Take?



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