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10 tips for groom prep

When I speak to a couple about shooting the Groom getting ready the morning of the Wedding, sometimes the Groom is hesitant and unsure if he wants photos of his Prep; often stating that there isn’t as much to shoot or its not that important and I should just focus on the Bride. But I definitely encourage having a photographer capture your Groom Prep because it IS part of the story of your wedding day. There are so many moments that happen while you prepare for the day: having your groomsmen, best friends and family around to help you dress and goof around with you. These people have had a hand in creating the person you are and the memories you make with them, on the day of your wedding, are entirely unique and can never be recreated on any other day or in any other place. Bask in those moments, thank your groomsmen with a unique gift, have your last beer or shot as a Bachelor and let your photographer capture the memory.

This list is to give you an idea of the kinds of things that I plan to shoot during Groom Prep. I hope that they give you some insight and some inspiration.

1. Shaving / Hairstyling

Typically, when I arrive to shoot Groom Prep, the Groom has already shaved and styled his hair. Whether or not I take these photos depends on how much time I have with the Groom. If I had an hour or more I would typically request the Groom wait for me before shaving and hairstyling. With less than an hour, I prefer the Groom to be clean faced and hairstyled, when I arrive.

2. Suit

Whether it is rented, borrowed or Brand New, I would like to get a photo of the suit hung up – Just like the Bride’s dress.

3. Details: Shoes, Belt, Tie, Cufflinks, Watch, Cologne

Have all of your accessories available and in one place when I arrive. I like to take a shot of all of your items first and then mix them up and take a few individual shots. Let me know if any of your details hold any sentimental value to you and I will make sure to focus on them.


4. Dressing: Tying Ties and Buttoning Buttons

Consider having Groomsmen and family members get ready with you. It is helpful to have an extra set of hands for those tiny cufflinks and the photos look great too.

5. Groomsmen Goofing Around

If groomsmen can’t get ready with you, push to have them meet before the Ceremony for a drink or pre-wedding activity like golf.

6. Groomsmen Matching Details

Consider using a theme to create matching or unique details for each groomsmen. Like matching socks or uniquely patterned socks. Superhero under shirts or superhero cufflinks.

7. Boutineers

Encourage your florist to deliver Boutineers to the hotel or Prep location. This allows me to take photos before the boutineers wilt or get damaged.

8. Groomsmen Gifts

Consider giving your groomsmen a monogramed gift or a goody basket, filled with alcohol and cigars. You can tailor each basket to the individual groomsmen or invest in a themed gift, like a Zombie Survival Kit.

9. Sentimental Items and Gift from Bride

Whether its heirloomed cufflinks or sweet note from your betrothed, let me know the story and I will capture the emotion.



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