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Bridal Boudoir photography is a sexy new trend that’s especially popular as a wedding day gift from a bride to her groom. Many brides like to have the best of their boudoir photos bound in a mini album just for their hubby. Boudoir photos are usually taken wearing either just a little, or well, nothing at all. They’re hardly X-rated though, but rather PG-13—as in classic pinup-inspired pics, or ‘implied nudes.’ That means you’re not wearing anything, but you’re not showing off anything either.

Schedule a boudoir session a few weeks before your wedding day in addtion to or as an alternative to an engagement session. A fun and pampering photo shoot, before the big day is a good way to indulge and take some time out from wedding planning. Or let me know you want to add a mini shoot the morning of your wedding. All we need is a private space with natural lighting. It will take about 15 minutes, after hair and makeup and right before you get into your dress.

The most important thing—choose outfits that make you feel confident and sexy. A good rule of thumb: Bring something white, something black, and something in a bright color or a sheer robe so you can mix and match. In addition to lingerie, don’t forget shoes, jewellery, veil, garter and that engagement ring.


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